Monday, June 2, 2014

5 favorite drugstore beauty products!

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  1. I love Cetaphil! Any time I try something different, I always go back to it. It keeps my skin from drying out, but removes my makeup like a champ. Love! I'm also in love with that BB cream. It's actually the only kind I've tried, but I don't see any need to branch out. :)

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  2. I've never tried the Garnier BB cream. I love the Maybelline one and the e.l.f. one. I'll have to try that one when I run out. :) I have tried the L'oreal moisturizer and I did like it. It had such a fun consistency compared to other moisturizers.

    I love these kind of posts! It's so fun to see what everyone uses and loves everyday.